Today as I was in the midst of preparing a class on Trusting Spirit in the practice of Mediumship. I started thinking, that this needs to extend to trusting yourself, especially in the practice of witchcraft and other areas of magical work. If you aren't confident, that lack of conviction is going to affect your work.

     Magic is worked by drawing energy from the currents of the Earth and the Natural World. But you're blending that energy with your will and your intent to bring about your desired result. If you're not confident in yourself, if you don't trust yourself to do the work “right”, then you're defeating yourself before you even begin.    

 If you're like many magic workers, you've read more than a few books on the subject, and looked up more than a handful of spells on the internet. You ask others for spells to help you reach your magical goal. You look everywhere else, but hesitate to look to yourself and your own knowledge and ability. You feel like you're not smart enough or good enough or experienced enough to work magic on your own. You don't trust yourself enough to create your own work that's specifically geared to the intent of your personal goal.   

 Where do you think all these spells in the books you've collected and tried so desperately to follow to the letter, come from?  People write them. They find out what works and they write it down, then share it in a book, or a blog, or wherever. And that's really awesome. It gives you a guideline or a base to start from, especially if you're new to the working of magic. But as you progress in your experience and practice, it's time to start listening to yourself and following your own intuition, that voice of the Spirit of Magic that is guiding you. If you still want to use references, that's great, but make the spells and works your own, infuse them with your own energy and trust yourself. You don't have to follow every word, say everything exactly as someone else has written it, mimic every movement they describe. You know what your goal is, the intent of your spell. You can do it your way. And trust me, that's going to work out so much better for you.   

 Start with simple magic. Let's say you want to protect your home. Look up the correspondences that lend themselves to this type of work. This is where you use the shared knowledge of others.  The best day of the week, the proper moon phase, the colors that go along with protection, the Deities or Spirits that can help you. Research the herbs, roots, and other curios that hold the protective energies you desire. Then take your time and think about how you can go about using all these things to achieve your goal of protecting your home. If you're comfortable with candle magic, dress your candle simply with olive oil, roll it in the herbs and roots you've chosen. Write a few sentences that state your goal clearly and concisely. Some traditions hold to the idea that any spells you write or use should rhyme. If that's something you want to do, that's awesome. Write a rhyming declaration of intent. It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated or something that will win you a Pulitzer. I personally don't feel the need to make anything rhyme, but that's my way of working. You do it your way. And either way, remember, this is between you and the Spirits and the energies that you are working your will upon. So don't stress over it not being like someone else's spell you've read. It's much easier to put the needed emotional energy into your work if the words you speak come from your heart and soul. And that energy you impart to the work is a key component to its success.

     Once you write and perform your own spell, and see and feel the positive results, you're going to get a great confidence boost. It's going to show you that hell yes you can do this. I have a card that I created and framed  that hangs at my desk. I read the words on it several times a day. Because even after 37 years of practicing, even I need a reminder sometimes. It reads, “I am Magic. I know I am Magic. And no one can stop my Magical ass.” You are a witch. For whatever reason, you have chosen to walk this path. So be the Witch. Trust yourself. Get in there and work that magic. Because no one can stop your Magical ass.   


Mamau Alastriona 

August 2020 

Do not disturb. Witchery in Progress.