I started this business a few years ago, but I started the practice of witchcraft over 37 years ago. I've studied Traditional, Celtic, and Eclectic witchcraft, Folk Magic of many cultures, Hoodoo, as well as Wicca, Haitian Vodou, Christianity, Buddhism and many other religions. I love herbs and plants and roots and flowers and all the things the Earth offers us to work changes in our lives. 

I started offering my products and services to people to enable them to improve their lives and circumstances with the help of things beyond the mundane. The Spirits help me - the Deities I work with, the Spirit Band and Spirit Guides that aid me and guard me, and my Ancestors, without whom I wouldn't exist. Most of the recipes for my products are based on traditional formulas, with my own little additions. Others are created completely from scratch, with the guidance of these Spirits. 

With this blog I'd like to answer your questions, share some knowledge, pass on a little wisdom, and learn from all of you, as well. It's another step on my journey in the realm of the Craft. Let's hope I don't stumble and drop the potion bottle. 


Mamau Alastriona