One of the first things I often recommend to clients and students is the setting of an Ancestors Altar in their home.  Why? First, your ancestors are literally the reason you exist. Second, they are there, wanting the best for you, waiting and wanting to help and guide you. In Spirit, we are much more powerful and able to see things than we are here in the physical. Setting up a place to honor and communicate with them will help you connect to that power they possess. 

(And yes, I believe in reincarnation, but Ancestor veneration still fits into those views - that's just a whole other blog post.)

Setting up an altar for your  ancestors allows you to have a place to honor them, imbue them with  energy, communicate with them and petition them for assistance. Out of  respect, don't set up this altar in your bedroom or bathroom, but  instead, give it a place of honor in your home. You can place any number  of and types of items on your altar. Photos of those that have passed  on, mementos, keepsakes, a copy of your family tree, crystals, incense,  religious symbols, candles, and anything else you feel ties you to them.  

When you set this altar up, state aloud the names of the ancestors you  know, and then say something like "all ancestors known and unknown".  Dedicate this space to them, and honor them, for quite literally,  without them, you wouldn't be here. Light a candle for them. Give them a  cup of coffee or a glass of water. Set out a small plate of a family  favorite food. There are no hard and fast rules, so follow your  instincts on this part. The more you work at your altar and communicate  with the spirits of your Ancestors, the better your relationship will  become and the greater aid they can lend you